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My love for The Angel

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She looks perfect...
Such a mature woman...
But the world she lived on, was the cruelness of the life...

I wish i could do something to lift her from..
The bottom of her worst nightmare...

At 1st,..she loved to bleed her body with her own blood...
But now...she turned into an Angel,.. an Angel who i love...

The day has come, she's already left her past...
Now her heart's open for every man who love her,..

Well, maybe it's a good chance for me... but i reminded...
What is my primary objective?...
I wanted to help and safe her from her nightmare..
I wanted to protect her from anything and from her past..
But.. I didn't wanted to make her mine...
Even i really love her.. and..
I will be as happy as when she meet her new boyfriend.. and i'm sure..
It wasn't me..

But i believe.. we will be together someday...

I've just heard a news...
someone is tryin sneaking into my Angel's heart..
It make me feel something that i never felt before...
There's a little sad..but there's a happy feel too..
What kind of love that can make me to feel this..

My Wishes...

I wish The Boy who will be hers..will love her just like My Love to her.. and..
Will treat her well.. So..
she wouldn't looking for her past anymore.. "because i know.. it's really hurt you.."

this word came out from my mind.. when i felt desperated.. and kinda happy.. because the Angel has passed her nightmare... I wish the best life and the happiness will be Angel...
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"dalem" vin,bagus2..
tp ngmg2 mulai kpn lo bs suka dia?
kalo jodoh ya ga kmn2 ya vin,coba doain aja org yg kita syg,trus ikhlas,minta petunjuk dari Allah,semoga lo bisa sabar dan kuat ya :)
Good luck vin fr everything!

waaa ok deh, i won't tell anybody.. cinta kan ga harus memiliki ya vin.. Allah pasti punya rencana lain untuk umat-umatNya

eeeeeeh oke deh wakak keren keren ga nyangka lo bisa buat giniah hahaha

wah keren vin keren, dalem nih kata katanya, semoga tuh cewe sadar ya ada org yg syg sm dia kaya lo gini, dan semoga aja harapan lo terkabul ya amiiiiin

hey this is really cool vin. you really write so well. 'dalem' bgt hehe. two thumbs for you! haha. bahasanya tinggal ditingkatin aja vin, pasti tambah keren hehe. semoga harapan lo terkabul buat ngedapetin angel yang pantas buat lo. amiin

wow dalem banget Vin ckck buat siapakah itu? hehe

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