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Depression Poetry

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you come give me a reason
you come to give motivation
but what do you mean by feeling the pain of failure
and what do you mean that I'm not sure

This turns out,
deliberately made sure of the ability
purposely made sure I could live in this city

but now I know
you do it just for a show

you do it just to attract attention
you do that for the relationship
for a man who never you mention
and you just think of me as a SHIT
teacher who had scolded me
he came this afternoon to apologize
He taught me to see
and how to re-rise

friend who told me yesterday that I was his friend
now he has gone away
maybe he thought this was the end
but im sure, that i will be here and stay

by me
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pengen gua jadiin lagu rap nanti.. ahaha

iya sih, kata2 akhirnya sama semua. coba aja

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