Just Want To Be The Best On Every Aspect in Life


Jumping Higher Tips
waiting is the worst thing to do for someone as lazy as me and as inpatient as me, but its the best thing to do for someone "like" me..

"things are neither good or bad, but thinking make them so" so.... just stop thinking and do those fuckin things!!!!!!! yea!!

maybe its a bullshit and i know you think its a bullshit, but i feels like things will change.. and amazing things will happen. it just a matter of time

i always having fun, under the shine of the sun.. and i always remember that im someone better..

i have a pair of strong hand, i have a pair of light legs, i have an ideal body.. but i have no heart that can love someone and be with the girl who will make me stronger even when i have no hands, legs, or ideal body
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