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its not me, its you

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aint no teacher who can change me..
aint no friends can change me..
neither do they can change me.. the world's people..

you.. you are a teacher..
but you changed me..
you are a friend..
but you changed me..
even you are one of them..
you still changed me..

i know youre not from the SUN..
but i dont know how you make me warmer.. 
even when they called me Iceman..
youre not from opera van java.. although you looks similar with Sule..
its a joke of course.. but this one's real.. you make me funnier..

no.. i just lie..
im harder than a stone.. you cant change me..
you cant make me a warmer men or make me as funny as mr. Bean..
im a strong guy.. no one can change me.. 
except myself.. and i dont even care with myself..
but i dont know why.. 
i change myself, make myself warmer or even make myself funnier even though i dont like smiling.. for you..

the conclusion is.. you changed me..
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i like this one! cool

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