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youre somebody and i am nobody, and we looks like living in a game..
we laugh.. love.. and lie.. cause we both are the same..

i love the way people lie, the way they hurts each other.. because after these circumstances, they'll loving, care and be honest each other..

me  : a judge? @Derrielle: Wait, who the hell are you to judge me?
her : @Idealivin what's with "a judge" what do u mean?

me : a judge hv a right to judge someone, does he? hha @Derrielle: @Idealivin what's with "a judge" what do u mean?
her :@Idealivin u can not judge someone bcs u don't know shit about them. But a judge, yes they can bcs there are standards. But ppl like us? No.
me  : @Derrielle of course we can, if only we keep it on ourself
her : @Idealivin haha u can go on w/ ur theory and I'm with mine. Whatevs. People likes to judge that's why human is the most disgusting creature.
me : @Derrielle and 1 thing for sure, there's no man who never be a "2 face" hha.. sadar ga sih lo?
her : @Idealivin true facts. That's why, we are, human being is the most disgusting creatures. Word.
me : yes we are, and that thing makes us wonderfull, full colour. a hearted creatures and a sinner hha @Derrielle

if theres someone who can be "the Hatred Center", then the world will rise together, help each other. and the Hatred will fall down with him

never let it taken, never give it, and never leave it.. its your right, and thats will be what you live for..

my past is what i created for, my past made me like this, and my past.. is who i really are

there's nothing really nothing.. these things always mean something..
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