Just Want To Be The Best On Every Aspect in Life

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Jumping Higher Tips

being a shadow is much safer than be the real man, at least nobody can hit you, youre invulnerable, but the're invisible, not real..

convert the amazing idea into actions and words.. idea into livin

if these people says that im crazy for what i was doing, then theyre knew nothing about me. because this is thing that i can be proud of..

ive fade away for so long, and now i know its wrong.. i still believe on my heart.. thats make it easier when i know its hard..

a great person isnt the one who win the fight..  a great person is the one who can stop and avoid a fight challenge or request.. coolminded

but if your enemy keep insulting you, then fight him.. then you both will judged as a bad guy, but at least you hv no madfeel left..

dont looks bad because other people badness..

oh love you cant run from me.. im forever yours and i still yours.. faithfully
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