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Don't worry if you're single. God is looking at you right now, saying, "I'm saving this one for someone special." -dinda B Rambe

"life isnt about waiting for the storm to pass.... its about learning to dance in the rain" -di blognya tante anne- 

i do hv grudges for those people who treated me bad on the past.. 
but i'll do nothing because they'll get the feedback at the last..

well i dont really care with those scumbags business.. i mean.. let them do whatever they want.. because in time, they'll fall down..

whats the climax happiness of badguys? ppl hurted because of them.. ppl go mad because of them, and ppl become sinner because of them..

a great man made from his experiences not his background..

you need to be a loser to know how to be a winner.. but you dont need to be a loser just to make yourself better..

if you hv no guts to face your fear of today.. how will you survive tomorrow?

its only when you fall.. that you learn whether you can fly..
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